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WWE - 2012 Basic Collection: Alicia Fox

I have bought a lot of different toys in my lifetime, but never have I really bothered with wrestling figures.  I remember the big rubbery WWF figures made by LJN as a young kid, but despite being a big fan of watching wrestling the toys have never caught my attention.  That was until I started reading several reviews of Bryan's over at 3B's Toy Hive.  I blame him and his great posts and photography for today's post.  He broke me.  While standing in the toy aisle looking at these Mattel WWE figures I noticed the equivalent to Transformers Prime Bumblebee - Rey Mysterio.  There had to be 8 of his one basic figure warming the pegs.  Actually the variety of characters to choose from was slim pickings...then I saw Alicia hiding in the back.  I know nothing of this line - only that Mattel took the WWE license over from Jakks Pacific a few years ago.  I had previously bought one figure (Batista) when the figures first hit retail, but I didn't keep him.  I still don't know what I'll do with this line - the figures are impressive, I'll admit that.


I can't review a toy without showing off the packaging and at least making a few comments.  Normally I wouldn't think a blister carded toy with a white backing card would stand out that much on retail shelves, but Mattel has done a nice job here.  Not only is the WWE logo quite large and noticeable, the shape of the packaging stands out.  Add in the beautiful image of the character (in this case anyway), the splash of red on the angled side with the name and you've got a nice looking presentation.  Something else that caught my eye was the "First Time in the Line!" star burst sticker on the blister bubble.  So I guess this is Alicia's "rookie" figure.


The back of the blister card is basically a large cross sell promotion.  I'm used to seeing additional images of the toy along with some information about the character.  I guess with wrestling you don't need that kind of back ground stuff.  I will say that I've purchased one other figure from the six shown above.  Care to guess which one?


Alicia Fox stands out in the WWE Divas division for several reasons.  She doesn't get as much air time on television as others do, but I enjoy watching her perform inside the ring.  Alicia comes with an accessory which seems kind of rare in the basic collection.  At times she has graced the ring wearing this fur hoodie type piece of clothing.  Mattel has done a pretty good job re-creating this piece.  Thankfully however it does snap together on the front so you can remove it if you prefer.


What I'm most impressed about with these figures are the likeness of the individual that is captured in plastic.  From most of the figures that I've seen in the stores, the resemblance is pretty spot on.  Now Alicia has changed her hair color fairly often, but this figure looks pretty darn nice.  Take a look at how close Mattel got:

Not bad, huh?


Mattel has given this figure pretty good articulation...which should be expected since it's a wrestling figure.  The head seems to be sitting on a ball joint, but I can't pull the head off.  It does rotate pretty freely, although her sculpted her hinders some side to side movement.  The arms feature swivel joints above the biceps and in the wrists, while the shoulders and elbows are hinge joints.  The legs feature a good range of movement around the hips, but her soft plastic skirt might prevent you from pulling off a sitting pose.  The legs feature articulation in the knees (hinge), at the top of the boots (swivel) and hinged ankles.

Paint apps are nicely done, from the red hair to the face and the silver details on the chains and buttons on her outfit.  The lower part of the legs are painted black to give the effect of taller boots being worn.  I kinda like this as the knee pads I've seen on some figures look rather bulky and would hinder knee movement.

All in all this is really nice, simple figure.  Mattel has done a great job not only capturing the likeness of Alicia, but not going overboard with the female build.  As of this post I'm still trying to scout out some free shelf space to display her.  I guess for now she'll have to hang out with Captain America and the rest of my Marvel Legends.

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  1. Excellent!

    This is the second Alicia Fox review I've read this week and I haven't even started working on mine, yet. You're making me look bad! But, you're right-on about the accessory and actually her other costume pieces are considered extras among the "basic" series. So AF really turned out well!