Saturday, December 22, 2012

X-Men: Blackbird

A few weeks before Thanksgiving my mom dropped off a big box full of my younger brother's toys.  Inside the box was a big green Power Rangers dragon, several ziplock bags full of small figures and parts - most of them I didn't immediately recognize.  The one thing that I immediately recognize was the big blue stealth jet - the X-Men's Blackbird.


There was a time I was heavy into reading Marvel Comics, but my toy collecting at that time really hadn't started.  I do remember buying several of the various Toy-Biz X-Men figures on clearance at Toys R Us back in the day, but I really wouldn't say I ever collected these toys.  For that reason I don't exactly remember seeing this jet / playset on store shelves, but c'mon, how can any kid or young adult my age not recognize this jet as the X-Men's?

What I didn't know about this toy was the jet "transformed" into a mobile base / battle station.  The front compartment of the jet can be removed exposing large black wheels.  I guess this could be used as a small vehicle or perhaps an escape pod?  The rest of the jet is pulled forward, allowing the top half to open up exposing a command center and a chair to rest another figure.  The rear thrusters of the jet lift up and can be rotated a full 360 degrees.  Inside the thrusters are two 90's appropriate colored neon orange missiles.  These are spring loaded and the springs are surprisingly strong - even after 18 years.


I can see why kids would have been all over this toy back in 1994.  While it's not really in scale with the 5 inch X-Men figures, the jet has a good size and lots of play value.  Inside the jet's cockpit was this figure of Storm.  It's amazing how far toys have come in the last decade plus.  I'm not sure how much my brother actually played with this toy, but overall it's in good shape.  There are a few scuffs here and there, but nothing appears to be broken.  The stickers are peeling in places, but that is somewhat expected with it's age and all.  My mother entrusted me with selling these items for my brother so I have no intention on keeping this toy, but I did have a blast messing around with the toy as I researched it before placing it on eBay.