Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers: Vampirus

Continuing my look at my little brothers Power Rangers toys we have the purple, vampire version of McDonald's Grimace character.  Actually it's Vampirus.  Again, I haven't done a Google search so I'm just going off what I have in my hands.


I get that a lot of these toys had action features built in, but I can't figure out what his is supposed to be or do.  I know his little red bat wings move around in a circle - as does the tail - but is there supposed to be a trigger to activate this?  And what purpose do these moving wings have?  And what's with Vampirus squinting as such?  He looks like he is either staring into the sun or just ate a piece of Xtreme Warheads sour candy.  His included weapon is a silver staff of some sorts, but he can't even hold it very well.  This character may have come across on the television show as a cool character, but once translated to plastic...well, it sucks.

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