Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers: Rito Revolto

When I started this blog a few years ago never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine featuring a Power Rangers review.  Sigh.  My mom dropped off a big box of toys a few weeks ago full of my younger brother's toys.  He was big into Power Rangers and the old Toy-Biz X-Men stuff...apparent by the contents of the box.  Funny thing is I can remember a few Christmas' where he got a lot of the original Power Rangers toys.

My mom had asked me to sell these toys for my brother since she figured I would know the best way to promote them online.  Now while I may have a good knowledge of toys from my childhood, I know little to nothing about Power Rangers outside of the horribly goofy television show.  So after researching these toys I figured why not create a new tab and review a few of the figures for the blog.  Most of my reviews are from a perspective of someone who knows the toy, franchise or brand...but not this time!


Rito Revolto.  Wow, what a name.  Without doing a specific Google search on this character I know nothing about him.  When I pulled the figure out of the box it was missing the right arm and the back pack bazooka thing was in a separate zip lock bag.  Thankfully that was easy to match up thanks to the camo, but it took awhile before I realized I had his rifle.  Inside the box of toys were several zip lock bags full of non-descript action figure weapons and accessories.

Rito looks like a military skeleton, though why the half white and half camo is beyond me.  The figure features articulation in the shoulders and hips, but that is about it.  The arms and legs are molded in their half bent shape which limits how you can stand the figure.  Lots of sculpting though exists in the figure...kind of surprising for a figure that hails from 1994.  The interesting part of the figure is the bazooka thing.  There are 3 peg holes on the back of the figure that match up with the pegs on the gray backpack.  Attached to the backpack is a small clear tube that connects to what looked like an arm appendage.  This appendage actually slides over the camo arm effectively arming him with a new weapon.  On the back of the backpack is a small button that when pushed in pumps air through the tube and "shoots" the bazooka.  When I say shoot I don't mean launch.  The red piece is attached to the appendage piece so when the air is being pumped through the red piece just extends in and out.

Of all the Power Ranger villains I pulled out of the box this guy looks the best...but that might not be saying much!


  1. He does look pretty nifty - something about him is rather appealing.

  2. I grew up watching the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, and I must admit that the show is guilty of appearing very cheesy on some aspects. Perhaps the main reason is because Saban Ent had an idea to borrow stock footage from a Japanese TV series, rename everything while re-shooting some scenes with American actors, and turning that into another product.

    Rito Revolto was a must have when I was a kid. I was disappointed that the white half of the figure did not have enough black paint to realistically bring out the details of those bones.