Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Web Diver: Pegasion W-11

In 2001 Takara released a new transforming toy line in Japan to accompany a new animated television series of the same name, Web Diver. Embedded in the larger "leader class" figures was essentially a video game. A lot of the designs incorporated animal designs and as such only seemed to appeal to certain transforming robot fans. While I didn't care for all of the designs and thus the their subsequent toys, there were several toys that I really liked enough to track down and import. As the toy line progressed the toy designs seemed to get more and more "sophisticated". One of these was the psuedo-Headmaster, Pegasion.

The packaging for a majority of the Web Diver figures shared the same yellow box with a hanger flap. The boxes featured the line's logo, along with pictures of the toy, their various modes and action features. Remember, the smaller toys were made to interact with a larger figure in the series and with the Web Diver video game. You can see on the sides of the box that Pegasion has multiple modes: moon buggy, head mode (Headmaster?) and a weapon mode (Targetmaster?). Can you see now why I was intrigued with this toy back in the day?

Pegasion is a Pegasus/Centaur hybrid of sorts. I really did the overall look, especially with the metallic blue armor. The moon buggy wheels are kind of ugly in this mode as they just are there, but if you can look past those you can see the beauty in this sculpt. The legs are well articulated and allow you to pull off some good action poses. Arms are on ball joints that also allow for a good range of motion. He come with two maroon swords that can be holstered of sorts to his sides.

Pegasion as a very knightly vibe going on. Lots of detail can be found in this mode, especially on the head. The metallic blue, maroon and white all blend together wonderfully to give him a very cool appearance.

Pegasion's moon buggy mode is rather cool in my own opinion. This is one of those vehicle modes however where it looks best head on or at an angle. I saw that because you can see the horse head and forearms at the back of the vehicle. The rear of the vehicle is also a little light or hollow which is odd. Despite these short comings, I love the overall look of the vehicle.

As the side of the box showed us, Pegasion features multiple modes other than his moon buggy mode. One of which is this head made. When the figure is put into this mode as seen it looks really odd, but when plugged into Daitalion is when things got pretty sweet.

Now all the sudden this goofy looking head mode doesn't look so bad, does it? There is a red LED light behind the black face visor that would interact w/ the video game or with Gradion. Pegasion also formed a claw type weapon that Daitalion could wield, but I never cared for how the weapon looked as-is or wielded by Daitalion so I didn't bother to photograph that mode. 

Overall Pegasion is a great figure. It's not without it's faults, but it's still a pretty good figure on it's own even though it's obviously meant to accompany Daitalion. I will mention there is another dual "headmaster/targetmaster" figure that interacts with Daitalion, but he was always second fiddle to Pegasion in my book.

Today most of the later released Web Diver figures are hard to come across on the secondary market and if you do happen to find them be prepared because they won't be cheap! If you're a fan of Transformers or some of Takara's other transforming toy lines (ex. Brave) then perhaps you would enjoy these. I only have a few Web Diver toys left in my collection these days, however it has more to do w/ a lack of space than anything else.

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