Monday, January 7, 2019

Christmas 2018 Recap

Christmas has come and went, but between my wife and I's wedding anniversary, vacation and New Years, I've barely been home. However I know people love to see what others got this time of year so I've finally set aside a little time to share what Santa brought me.

My wife and daughters surprised me with this large painted canvas of Captain America fighting off the Inhuman, Black Bolt. This thing is massive and I wasn't sure where I was going to put it, but thankfully my wife had some ideas. Still need to get this up on the wall where it belongs.

Now I hinted a little to my daughters about this figure, especially after finding the Marvel Legends figure the Thing just before Thanksgiving. We rarely go in drug stores so my family had to hit a few Walgreens to before finding other members of the FF. Since, I've bought Mr. Fantastic so now all I need to find is the Human Torch to finish the family off.

My older brother gave me a bottle of Spider-Man cologne...and surprising it smells pretty good. I'm not really a cologne kind of guy, but this one may get some sporadic use.

Before leaving my mom's house on Christmas morning, my brother gave me this Transformers Metroplex starter deck. I've been picking up booster packs as I find them as I tend to scan the cards for the TF Bio Card Database at some point.

I was happy to receive several new PS4 games. Detroit: Become Human originally wasn't on my radar, but after seeing the game get a massive price cut during Black Friday I looked into the game a bit more and was impressed and intrigued. I rented God of War from Red Box shortly after it was released and instantly fell in love. I've never really played many of the previous games and with this one being a reboot of sorts it was the perfect jumping on point for me.

I love old games with new challenges so the Sega Genesis Classics collection was a great way to scratch that itch. So far I've only played through a few games, but the emulation seems spot on. Shining Resonance Refrain was a game that originally caught my eye at GameStop, thanks in part to it's metal case. Everyone so often an action RPG will grab me and this year this seems to be the game. As soon as I wrap up Fire Emblem Warriors on the Switch I'll fire this one up.

Speaking of the Switch and retro game collections, this Namco Museum Arcade Pac looked interesting so I tossed it on my list. Came in handy as I got a chance to play it in hand held mode while traveling to KY over New Years.

This last item wasn't received on Christmas, but purchased with Christmas cash afterwards. I found almost the entire Captain Marvel wave of Marvel Legends figures in Fort Knox, KY while visiting family in the area. I really could care less for the other figures, but knew I wanted this figure of Grey Gargoyle for my Avengers/Spider-Man Rogue's gallery.

These last few weeks seem like a blur as there was so much going on. Most of my Christmas stuff is still sitting on my couch in my game room because I've been so busy. Now work is firing up w/ a new month, new quarter and new year. I'm just hoping I can carve out a little time to enjoy all these fun things. Like always, another great Christmas and one for the books.


  1. That CA canvas is awesome! Haven't played any of those PS4 games... but can't wait to hear about them. I just purchased my first game in over a year. I bought Star Wars Battlefront 2. The reviews weren't great, but for $15 I should be able to get a few hours of entertainment from it.

  2. Wow, that was some Christmas haul! That painting is really fantastic. The newest system that I have is a PS2, and I didn't have any plans of ever getting anything else, but some of these newer PS4 games sure are tempting me to do so.

    P.S. Happy belated wedding anniversary :)

  3. Belated happy anniversary! And nice haul as well!