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Transformers Robots in Disguise (2015): Optimus Prime (Legion Class)

Are you eager to get that Age of Extinction taste out of your mouth? Yeah? Me too. We thankfully 2015 will be bringing a new TF series, both in cartoon and toy form. Robots in Disguise, not to be confused with 2000's series of the same name. From what I know, this new RID series appears to be the spiritual successor of Transformers Prime. If this holds to be true, then this is a good thing (for me) as I really enjoyed the story telling in the Prime series. I believe when the series opens we'll find Bumblebee leading the Autobots. I know Optimus Prime eventually shows up, I don't know when or in what role will he fill.

Many online news outlets earlier this month announced some of the new toys were released via Amazon.com and at certain brick and mortar retailers. I was fortunate enough to stumble across one new toy that I really didn't hesitate buying...

RID 2015 Optimus Legion Class photo 001_zps41f6c528.jpg

Now I'm officially going on record saying I won't be buying many of the new Robots in Disguise toys. I no longer own any Prime toys so it just doesn't make sense for me to buy many of these. Now that's not to say my curiosity won't get the best of me and I buy a few more of these small Legion class toys, or some other version of Optimus, but I'm not all in. It does't mean I don't like what I've seen thus far, it just means I'm trying to keep my focus on G1 releated releases.

All that said, I was excited to find this little Optimus figure. I hadn't seen many images of what this new version of Optimus would look like. Now that I know first hand I have to say I like what I see. The new RID packaging uses the same large red letter Transformers name down the side, a carry over from the Age of Extinction toys, along with a new RID logo. The artwork is very reminiscent of the Prime series. I will point out that the blister card is crooked, they don't normally look diagonally like this.

RID 2015 Optimus Legion Class photo 002_zpse92a976c.jpg

The back of the the packaging is very bland. There is small image touting the easy 5 step transformation along with an advertisement for the new Transformers App. I haven't tried it out yet, but apparently with the app installed on your mobile device you can scan the shield like logo on the toy and it unlocks something in a new game. The #3 image shows a shield and a sword with a unlocked padlock. I'm assuming this means when you scan the Optimus figure you get those weapons to use in the game. Hmm... The rest of the packaging is basically warnings and what not in different languages.

RID 2015 Optimus Legion Class photo 003_zpscd9685a8.jpg

If you are familiar with this scale, then you know what you're getting here. Legends, Cyberverse, Legion...all the same thing. What we have here is a very simple version of the new Robots in Disguise Optimus Prime. Molded in red plastic, the figure sports 3 paint applications - blue, black and silver. The figure is fairly articulated for a small figure, using ball joints in the shoulders and legs.

The robot head, while small, features a silver painted face plate. Judging from the package art it appears he'll go back and forth between having a mouth and the armored plate as he did in the Prime series. It seems like a lot of different iterations of Optimus Prime toys feature the vehicle's front/grill integrated as part of the robot's chest. Not this version. The front of the vehicle actually hangs off the back, but nicely tucked away.

Transformation is easy, as expected. 5 simple steps actually. I wasn't sure if the toy would come with an instruction sheet as I saw earlier a picture of the back of the Warrior class (deluxe) toys. Those featured the instructions printed on the back of the blister card. I hadn't seen that since the Beast Wars / Beast Machines days. Tucked away inside the packaging however was a very small sheet of instructions.

(click on the images for a larger view)

RID 2015 Optimus Legion Class photo 007_zps78c03205.jpg

I've seen many people already labeling Optimus' new alt mode as a dump truck. I guess I can see it, but I like to think of it as an integrated trailer. Either way I like Optimus Prime's new look. I've seen Optimus take on a lot of different disguises/alt modes over the years and I like this slight deviation from the standard truck look. The red and blue lets you know fairly easily that this is Optimus Prime. He's small, thin and a decent length (just shy of 3 inches). The back wheels seem to roll more freely than the front wheels do, but all in all a fun little toy to play around with. I can foresee my 3 and 5 year old daughters liking these new Legion class figures.

I do look forward to finding more of these new Robots in Disguise toys at my local retail shelf, if for nothing else it means the Age of Extinction movie toys will be going the way of the dinosaur. I'm so tired if new Transformers product not even catching my eye so even though I'm not planning on buying much of this new series, it's always a welcomed sight to find new toys. Of course this means you may not many RID toys on my blog, but as always you'll find lots of other new content coming soon. It looks like I'll be all in for the new Combiner Wars coming (if for no other reason that they come with trading cards!) so be on the look out for those.

RID 2015 Optimus Legion Class photo 004_zps3b6df448.jpg     RID 2015 Optimus Legion Class photo 005_zps4029bcb6.jpg

RID 2015 Optimus Legion Class photo 006_zpsebd52f46.jpg

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