Thursday, December 18, 2014

Transformers Car Robots: Board Book

I thought for today's post we would look at something a little different, a book. I have several nice Transformers and other 80's property books in my small collection, but I seldom think about sharing them. The other day while moving a book shelf in my hobby room my 5 year old daughter was helping me remove the books from the shelves. This particular book I think caught her eye because it is a board book, similar to some of the books she has. This Japanese book features the Car Robots series. Being that the book is all in the Japanese language I have no idea of what the actual title is or what is written on each page. Thankfully most of the images are of the actual toys, or the CGI art used on the toy packaging. In true Japanese fashion, the book reads right to left.

(click on the images for a larger view)

Car Robots board book photo book_zpsb3410e54.jpg


Car Robots board book photo 024_zps1b09169c.jpg

Epic battle scene, Autobots vs. Destrongers

Car Robots board book photo 025_zps612ba156.jpg

Super Fire Convoy vs. Gigatron

Car Robots board book photo 026_zps57de7d50.jpg

Build Team & Build King

Car Robots board book photo 027_zps7b6526df.jpg

Bullet Team & JRX

Car Robots board book photo 028_zps23b5b457.jpg

Car Robot Brothers: Speedbreaker, Mach Alert, Wild Ride

Car Robots board book photo 029_zpsafeb80f0.jpg

Spychangers with Indy Heat & Wrecker Hook

Car Robots board book photo 030_zps42859a7b.jpg

Black Convoy & Baldigus

Car Robots board book photo 031_zpsdc15c88d.jpg

Metal Beast Brothers: Guushar, Guildo, Gaskunk with Gelshark

Car Robots board book photo book001_zps2d2d2d1f.jpg


For many years I was really fond of the Car Robots series and I imported nearly the entire line of toys. Over the years the only thing I take from the series is the introduction of the Spychangers - some of my favorite TFs to date. This is a fun little keepsake that is worth keeping around, but that's about it.

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