Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Transformers G1 - Butto D-83

It's hard for me to pass up offers when it comes to vintage Japanese G1 Transformers figures.  Thanks to the popularity of the Transformers brand these sort of items don't always come cheap so I don't find myself buying many these days.  A month or so ago I was made an offer for an extra TF that I had.  In return I received two ramps I needed to complete my Skyhyper figure.  The guy also tossed in a complete, boxed Japanese Blot to round off the deal.


I love the vintage Japanese packaging, especially the Scramble City 'bots.  When I first got back into collecting one of the goals I had was to assemble all of the individually boxed Scramble City combiners.  At one time I had all of the Terrorcons, but sold them off when I was made a ridiculously high offer.

This box has seen better days as you can tell.  There is a generous amount of wear to the boxes' edges and the plastic window is a little discolored and fragile.  There is even a small hole punched in the plastic.  Bummer.


I know a lot of the G1 toys had simplified transformations, but this guy's toy is a joke.  What is Blot's alt mode exactly anyhow?



I have always loved this particular battle scene art.  Too bad there is such a bad flap crease going on here.

Photobucket   Photobucket

When it comes to translating names some of the Japanese names didn't easily translate into English.  Blot's Japanese name is often referred to as Butto, but going by his included tech spec card it's Butt.  Oh how his momma must be proud!  I know it may sound odd, but these little tech spec cards are a huge plus to me.  In the past I've been known to buy Japanese TFs just for their card!


Another thing I love about the vintage Japanese packaging is the presentation.  I really wish toys still came packaged in styrofoam trays such as this, but no...they are bad for the ecology of the world.  Boo!  Since I already own Hasbro's version of Blot I don't plan on doing much else with Butt other than displaying him in his box.  Besides, I don't think there are any differences between Hasbro and Takara's version.


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    Love the new blot btw...Japanese packaging rocks.

    James Chillcott

  2. Nice one. I always burst out laughing when I see or recall this guy's Jap name Butto or Butt is just as hilarious. Your obsession with bio-cards sound so like another collector called HP....