Friday, April 13, 2012

Hot Wheels: Mystery Models '69 Corvette

It seems that blind packaged toys are all the rage these days.  Just head down the trading card aisle at your local Target store and you'll see what I'm talking about.  They are even starting to impede on the amount of trading cards merchandised on the shelves!  It seems that this trend has hit Mattel as my daughter and I found these new blind packaged Hot Wheels a few weeks ago at Walmart.

Now while the packaging may be new, the concept of blind packaged 'mystery' cars is not new for Mattel or for Hot Wheels.  I remember a few years back there were carded Hot Wheels blister cards with a solid black plastic bubble.  I don't remember how many different cars were in the assortment, but this lead to finding a lot of opened packages at retail.

I'm guessing this is the reason Mattel opted to include a small circular 'window' on the back letting you see a very small portion of the vehicle inside.  When I saw there was a Corvette in the mix I was happy to know I had a chance of finding the vehicle I wanted.  After going through nearly a box and a half I found it!

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Even though I have several versions of this '69 Corvette I couldn't pass up the chance of picking up another.  Plus the blue and white paint job is gorgeous.


Nice selection of vehicles in the assortment.  These are priced slightly higher than your standard Hot Wheel at $1.19 each (Walmart's price).  At least this was one blind packaged toy that I didn't have to buy completely blind.


  1. I remember seeing those mystery cards with the black plastic bubbles... but always thought, why would I want to risk getting something I don't want.

    Glad to see they put the little window on the back... although doesn't that remove the element of surprise? Lol... just saying.

    Congratulations on finding the car you wanted!

  2. The little window hole is small so it still takes a little effort trying to figure out which car is in the bag!