Sunday, December 18, 2011

Bring back the mail-in programs

Am I the only one that misses the old main-in programs that the toy companies used to do?  While flipping through an old comic book this weekend I came across this old ad inside the front cover.  I vaguely remember filling out the order form to send in.  What made this program so different than the others was that you got to create and personalize your character.  I never was a huge fan of the Steel Brigade concept, but with the new 30th Anniversary version I'm starting to see why others have always had a soft spot for the Brigade.


What shocked me a little was the cost.  This program took place in 1987 so you would think a simple action figure such as this would only be a few bucks plus shipping.  Not sure if you can read the fine print or not, but parents had to send in a check for $7.50 plus an additional $1.50 for shipping.  You can buy a new 30th Anniversary Steel Brigade figure at retail for less than $9.00 these days!  True you don't get to personalize your figure and it doesn't come with the nifty patch.

In this day and age of internet these types of mail away programs are all but dead.  I however would love to see something like this be utilized again.  I know Hasbro tried a mail away program with their Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen line of toys...but the "exclusive" Ravage figure sucked hard.  Hasbro hasn't tried the mail away program with the G.I. Joe brand since the Joe vs. Cobra days with a Storm Shadow figure that featured a removable mask.  Correct that.  I forgot about the Doc program from the 25th Anniversary comic packs.  By the time I collected enough stickers to mail in the supply had been exhausted.  Boo!

Who else would like to see some sort of mail in program for your favorite line of action figures?  Sound off!

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