Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The best Christmas gift ever!

I'm a very blessed guy.  I've got a wonderful family who loves me and they showed me this in part by the number of gifts I got for Christmas.  However one gift really stood of the bunch...a homemade gift from my 2 year old daughter (with help from my beautiful wife).  Take a look:


A homemade "snow globe" featuring a Lego Minifigure!  A few weeks before Christmas my wife was looking around in my room and asking me if she could have various small toys she was looking at.  I said no to just about everything she asked about, but I figured she wouldn't be asking if she didn't have something up her sleeve.  Thanks to the Lego Minifigures being blind packaged I had an extra Indian so I let her take it.  Several weeks passed and I forgot all about it...until Christmas morning with my daughter gave me a brown paper bag she had decorated herself.  I reached inside and pulled out this awesome creation!  Shake it up and you'll see specks of gold glitter float around in the water.

Thank you so much to my daughter and wife for the very thoughtful and well made gift.  I was the highlight of the Christmas gift giving season.


  1. AWESOME!!! Homemade is always best!! I got a post coming up on the 1st of a gift that just blew me away this year!!

  2. That rocks! My favorite gift was one I got from my daughter as well.

  3. That's a nice idea that I might "borrow"! Thanks for sharing!

  4. That's awesome!! I can't wait 'til I have kids! :)

  5. I'm totally going to steal (I mean borrow) this idea... awesome present!