Monday, December 5, 2011

Free Comic Book Day Sketch


There was a time when I was all about comic books.  While I still enjoy reading I just don't have the time nor the funds (or space for that matter) to collect comic books.  One of the great things about comics for me each year was Free Comic Book Day.  One of the local comic shops in town always treated the event really big each May.  Several notable artists would be invited and for several hours would provide sketches by request for FREE!  Most of the artists didn't just scribble something down either.  They would take there time and craft some beautiful pieces of art.  I've got several from Mark Brooks currently framed and on my wall at home.  I don't remember what kept me from attending FCBD in 2010, but my brother graciously requested a Scarlet Spider sketch for me from artist Tom Lyle.  When he brought it home to me I was floored at the level of detail Tom put into it.  I still need to find a suitable frame, but once I do this piece will be proudly displayed on the walls of my home.

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