Friday, October 4, 2013

Transformers Prime Beast Hunters: Bumblebee

So are you as sick of Bumblebee as I?  Then you may be asking why did I buy this?  Well the answer is was on sale so it was more of a impulse buy...and one I regret.  Thankfully however I made some kid's day in August when I sold him at Charticon.

Beast Hunters Bumblebee photo 060_zps3cc419dd.jpg  Beast Hunters Bumblebee photo 061_zpsedf5475b.jpg

The premise here (at least for the toy line) is that the Autobots bulk themselves up to ready for battle against the Predacons.  Now had these upgrades appeared in season 3 of Transformers Prime, I'm sure myself and possibly others would have been more interested.  However that is not the case and these toys just feel unneeded.  If Hasbro can release another version of Bumblebee however, it seems as if they'll pull all stops to do so.

Beast Hunters Bumblebee photo 070_zps8d65dd95.jpg

This is just a retooled Prime RID mold.  Throw on some spikes, missiles on the doors of the car and you have a "new" Bumblebee.  Blah.  Plastic feels cheap and the toy looks goofy.  Argh!  Major buyer's remorse!

Beast Hunters Bumblebee photo 075_zps45861b82.jpg

The packaging calls his weapon Eagleshot Bow.  While I do find this new weapon remotely cool, attaching it to the top of the car just doesn't do anything for me.

Beast Hunters Bumblebee photo 085_zpsf5fd81b2.jpg

Transformation is exactly the same as the base BB toy.  I guess this is just one of those love it or hate it figures.  I'll go w/ the latter.  I still have a hard time picturing this character as anything other than a little yellow Volkswagon Beetle, much less an armored gladiator.

And just for kicks here are a few comparison shots with Arms Micron Bumblebee that I just happened to have finished stickering prior to opening Beast Hunters Bee.

Beast Hunters Bumblebee photo 071_zps4908c987.jpg

Beast Hunters Bumblebee photo 072_zpsd6b8c926.jpg

Beast Hunters Bumblebee photo 084_zps83a2872e.jpg


  1. I would never have picked this up, but my nephew likes Bumblebee and it was on sale for $7.50, so i picked it up. No buyer's remorse though, i'm just going to give it to my nephew

    1. I don't even think my daughters would play w/ this toy!

  2. Not a big fan of Bumblebee to begin with and this version of him makes me less of a one even more.

    1. Yeah, this is pretty much a crappy toy...

  3. I had to paint in the eyes of mine this was too beedy looking