Friday, November 9, 2012

Transformers Generations Asia (GDO) exclusive: Bluestreak

Continuing our look at some of the recent Asia exclusive Transformers we'll turn our attention towards yet another new Legends 'bot...Autobot Bluestreak.  Yeah, I had to do a double take too.  He's not called Silverstreak anymore!  Hasbro had to slap 'Autobot' in front of the name, but who cares?!  Bluestreak is back baby!


It should come as no surprise that Hasbro decided to take the Reveal the Shield Prowl mold and tweak it for release as Bluestreak.  Now only if they'll do it again as Smokescreen I can die a happy collector.  As you can tell Prowl's light bar has been removed and nice dark paint apps have taken over the mold.


All of the new GDO Legends come packaged with a weapon and Bluestreak's gun just happens to look a lot like his G1 counterpart's gun.  The side peg allows the gun to be attached to either side of the car.


The toy this time around was cast in a metallic silver plastic which looks really nice.  A darker shade of metallic gray was used down the middle of the car; while vivid red is used for the thighs and crests on his head.  A metallic silverish blue is used for all of the windows.  I find it refreshing that all of the windows are painted instead of just the front windshield or side windows.  While Prowl seems to be the better known of the Fairlady Z trio, Bluestreak gets my vote as the best Legends toy...that is until Smokescreen is released!



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  1. I love these guys, they look WAY better than their classics counterparts in terms of head sculpt and over all appearance. I wish we could get an updated version of them in Deluxe size using this mold.