Monday, November 26, 2012

Transformers Generations Asia (GDO) exclusive: Decepticon Brawl

A lot of the attention of these Asian exclusive Generations figures have been on the deluxe and voyager scales.  So much in fact that I nearly forgot about the new scouts and almost overlooked them several weeks ago at retail.  Most of the them I could care less for...maybe that's why I didn't think to look for them.  However I'm so glad I decided to pick up Brawl.


10-29-12012   10-29-12013


Decepticon Brawl, or Brawl as I'll refer to him is an armored personal carrier (APC), but oddly enough resembles IDW's least in vehicle mode.  The toy itself is a repaint of Reveal the Shield Breacher, which is one of the main reasons I decide to buy this figure.

The APC mode looks fantastic in olive green.  There is a lot of sculpted detail, sadly most of it isn't painted.  However the few paint apps are nicely done - from the two purple Decepticon insignias on the front to the awesome "D67" on the sides.  This is a nice homage to his Japanese G1 Combatron D-67 release.  The turret on the top does rotate a full 360 degrees and the clip on black dual gun can elevate up.


For such a small figure he is loaded with articulation.  He is covered in ball joints which give him excellent range of motion in all of him limbs.  The paint on the figure looks equally as impressive in robot mode as it does in vehicle mode.  It has a flat finish, but looks oh so good in hand.  Probably my favorite aspect about this toy is the gun and how it attaches.  The gun itself has a clip on the underside.  On the back side of each fist is a small bar allowing the gun to be clipped on.


Depending on how you articulate the arm you can have him wield his weapon to the side or up right in a more traditional way.


Brawl uses the same exact head as Breacher's, but what a different a few color changes make.  I love gold on this forehead/crest and the red on the lower portion of the face.  Even without the Decepticon symbols his guy just screams bad guy.


I loved Breacher so it should come as no surprise that I love this figure as well...probably more.  Both are great figures and at least one of these deserves a spot in your TF collection.



  1. I love Breacher, he's a cool looking 'bot, but for some reason Brawl here doesn't do anything for me. Maybe because they're trying to make him "Brawl", instead of giving him a different name/character.

    1. Repaints aren't for everyone...but as I said in my post I love this guy.