Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Transformers Generations Asia (GDO) exclusive: Hoist

When Hasbro first showed off their line of Asia exclusive Transformers a lot was made about the toys of Hot Spot, Springer and Wheelie.  While those are some pretty nifty toys I had my eye on the 4 new Legends scaled toys.  Ever since Hasbro introduced the legends scale way back in the Cybertron toy line I've been a huge fan.  As a matter of fact I use many of the G1 characters as stand-ins on my Classics/Generations shelf (such as Wheelie and Cosmos).  After the last few toys were released under the Reveal the Shield banner I thought we had seen the last of these small toys so imagine my excitement when I heard there were new ones coming...even if they were simple repaints.



Hoist is a repaint of Trailbreaker as he was in G1.  While I prefer Trailbreaker over Hoist character wise, I'm leaning towards Hoist in toy form.  This is largely due to the inclusion of a weapon and the big red Autobot symbol tampographed on the hood.  The new included gun is a little large, but it's a nice addition.  The gun fits snuggly in the hole on the top of the cab.


I believe this is one of my favorite Legends molds hands down.  Hasbro could release this toy in every color found in the rainbow and I'd buy them all.  If you missed out on Trailbreaker then do yourself a favor and head to Toys 'R Us and pick up this guy.  Yeah $6 is a little steep for such a small basic Transformer, but that is the reality of today's collecting world.


Who do you prefer?


  1. Hoist is my favorite of the bunch. I love, LOVE his combat green and yellow. SO awesome.

  2. I'd say I like the Hoist figure over Traibreaker. I sold off Trailbreaker because I wasn't really digging him. If I get Hoist, I'm sure that will not happen.

    Also, you'd probably be the best person to ask. Yesterday, I posted a review of a legends class Starscream that I found, but I was a bit confuse by it. Check it out, and let me know if you can offer some insight. Thanks!