Sunday, July 15, 2012

Somebody please explain to me...

I was reading a post on another blog about movies that make you cry.  It was actually this week's assignment from the League.  Any kid of the 80's that has seen the '86 animated Transformers movie could agree that the death of Optimus Prime scene was pretty memorable.  Later on in the movie after the Matrix of Leadership is passed on Galvatron gets his hands on it.  Inside Unicron the two fight with Hot Rod eventually gaining control of the Matrix and transforming into Rodimus Prime.  He then uses the Matrix to light the Autobot's darkest hour - killing Unicron.

I feel embarrassed as a Transformers fan to say that I don't understand how the Matrix killed Unicron.  The clip from the movie shows all sorts of glitterly blue light extending out.  Next thing you know there are all of these explosions like Unicron himself pushed some sort of self destruct button.

Someone please explain to me how the Matrix of Leadership was able to destroy a titan like Unicron.


  1. It is a difficult question to answer. I always just assumed the Matrix had enough raw power to take him out. I guess it was retconned that the Matrix was the essence of Primus and therefore toxic to Unicron, but I know that wasn't the original intention in 1986.

  2. It almost seemed like a bio-mechanical EMP blast that effected Unicron's it just worked on him and not the Autobots is anyone's guess.

  3. Arkvander's comment seems to be more plausible. :D
    But i guess Unicron wasn't able to handle the awesomeness that was Stan bush's 'The touch' playing to effect! LOL ;)