Sunday, July 8, 2012

Transformers G1: Aquablast (Stormtrooper)

I bring today another Transformers European exclusive toy from the 2 year transitional period between G1 and G2 that started in 1994. Aquablast was originally released in 1993, but released again in 1994 in G2 packaging. No changes were made to the toy however. I still view these as more G1 than G2.

As I mentioned in my last review I was able to get several of these European exclusives sealed in a lot for cheap...and I didn't hesitate one moment to open them up either! My version of Aquablast is the 1993 G1 version. Aquablast comes packaged on the standard blister card for that market w/ bi-lingual text on the card's back. As you can tell from the instructions he as the water shooting and color changing gimmick.

I love the roles and personalities that the tech specs give each character and Aquablast is no exception.  Being an engineer would you say he's the Decepticon equivalent of Wheeljack?

According to Transformers Wiki his alt mode is a Mitsubishi HSR. Not a model I'm familiar with, but a sharp looking sports car none the less. Since I was able to obtain him sealed I didn't have to worry about the color changing front portion of the car already being discolored.

I don't mind the water gun near as much on him as I do others from his subgroup or from the toys Hasbro released in the G2 series. It seems fairly well integrated into the alt mode. I would have preferred some other color plastic being used for the windows, but keep in mind this toy was released in 1993.

Nothing to write home about when it comes to the transformation. Very simple, but I like that in my TFs. I don't mind some level of challenge, but I'm also not going to complain when I don't have to have the instructions in front of me each time I attempt to transform the figure!

Aquablast has gold thighs / legs, but they don't appear to suffer from GPS. To my knowledge I haven't heard of this toy suffering from this problem, but if I'm wrong then please do correct me. In addition to the dark green car parts and the yellow rear "windows" he sports dark blue arms. In a weird way all these colors come together well. I also like his head sculpt and the eyes have some good light piping.

The other Stormtroopers have a long plastic hose for the water to travel through - which gets in the way in my opinion. While the other guys weapons are smaller and less obtrusive I still like Aquablast's weapon because it lacks the hose. When he's wielding his weapon I also get the impression there was a reason he has a Firepower ranking of 9 on this tech specs!

Ever since I found out about these various European exclusive Transformers about 10 years ago I've enjoyed tracking them down and learning more about the characters and the molds. While not all of them are great Transformers toys I've found the majority of them have their own redeeming qualities. The Stormtroopers have quickly become some of my favorite car based Decepticons...sorry Stunticons.


  1. Very much reminds me of the 60's Batmobile...very cool.

  2. So have you dared to get him to change colors yet?

    1. Nope and I'm not planning to. Do you think toys are made to play with? C'mon! (;

    2. See, I would've tried it once. I still get my TFs with the spark gimmick to light up every couple of months.