Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Finally united together - Transformers G1 Sixshot

For several different reasons I'm not able to acquire many G1 TFs anymore.  When I do I usually have to piece them together since I don't usually have the coin to drop on a complete figure.  I know I spend more in the long run buying bits and pieces here and there, but no one ever said being a collector was easy!

Several years ago when helping a local friend and fellow Transformer collector move his collection he gifted me with a pair of guns for G1 Sixshot.  I knew TF parts were getting expensive at the time so I was very grateful for his kind gesture.  I never thought it would take so long though before I finally found a decent priced Sixshot to go along w/ the guns.  Thanks to parting w/ a few Hercules 'bots I was able to use those funds to pick up a decent Sixshot on of all places.


I don't think I ever realized just how large this figure was until he showed up.  Quite impressive figure, but it needs a new set of reprolabels.  Guess I'll have to see what I can find online.  


Not having the instructions I grabbed one of my Transformer books off the shelve so I could get a good look at the other 5 alt modes.  Since it's a G1 toy I figured it wouldn't too hard to figure out the different transformations.


The jet mode is probably the biggest and one of the best.  It's not quite aerodynamic, but still pretty impressive.  Early on it's one of my favorite modes.


My book called this a jet propelled laser gun.  I guess since Sixshot was a one robot assassin he didn't want/need anyone to hold him while in gun form.  It's a decent alt form, but fairly weak in my opinion.


The armored car mode is small, but pretty cool.  Too bad the wings just sit on top in the forward swept position otherwise it's a great alt mode.


I wondered why the legs in robot mode bent they way they did.  After transforming him into this armored platform I now understand.  I'm starting to begin just how well armed and deadly this guy is!


The final mode is some sort of large cat.  Now this is one mode that I really like.  I immediately remembered the scene from the old cartoon where Sixshot assaults Ultra Magnus.  Awesome stuff.

I can't believe it's taken me this long to appreciate such an awesome figure.  I always wanted to get the reissue, but for whatever reason I dragged my feet and he got expensive on the secondary market.  Then came the recent news of him being reissued again w/ some minor changes.  1) I didn't like the added chrome and 2) his price tag was way more than I expected.  My friend was right.  The good thing about all these reissues is it drives the prices down on the original figures.


  1. Sixshot is awesome. I don't have the original, but I do have the reissue from a few years ago. Dude is huge. I've never heard of yardsllr before, so thanks for that because the deals are getting harder to find on eBay.

  2. I like mine as well. And he was a lot bigger than I expected him to be. I was glad to see another re-issue coming. But once I saw what the price was looking like, I'd rather have a vintage G1. And I tracked one down cheaper. Not too mention I didn't like the chrome guns either. I'm not much of a fan of all the chrome everyone else seems to like.

  3. I'm relatively sure Sixshot is the coolest Decepticon ever. I suppose that's a bold statement, but still...he's awesome.

    I'm looking forward to Hexatron, the 3rd party update!