Friday, March 17, 2023

Final Faction: Synthoid (Kharn)

I'm not sure what function the Synthoid plays in the Kharn army, but it's nearly on the same level as the Brute in terms of strength. I think it has a marine look with the swept back head and arched mouth. It has 8 small red eyes and a purple circle underneath the mouth. I'm not sure what purpose this serves, maybe it's another mouth or maybe it's a weapon of some type? The back features a pair of 5mm ports for additional weapons sold separately.

The Synthoid's unique feature is that it's limbs are interchangeable. While it only comes packaged with one set of limbs, additional limbs can be purchased and even mixed match for several different looks. The default limbs include a large blade appendage and a more traditional arm limb. The Synthoid has long, squat legs that look pretty muscular, giving me the idea he's fleet of foot. It almost seems as if parts of the limbs and even the legs have a sculpted hair texture.

I can't say the base Synthoid figure is one of my favorite Kharn aliens, but once you start to add some of the additional limbs and weapons it does give the creature an even more unique look. If you're building a Kharn army you'll need a few of these and side by side w/ the Brute they make a menacing looking duo.

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