Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Johnny Lightning: 1975 VW Super Beetle Convertible (Project in Progress) - version A, release 2


Street Freaks - Project in Progress series
1975 VW Super Beetle Convertible
version A, release 2

Limited Edition - 7,786

Freak Facts...
* The Super Beetle was the result of VW
redesigning the Beetle to directly complete
with American compacts and Japanese
imports in the early 1970s.
* Two main features of the Super Beetle
included larger storage area for luggage
and a more comfortable interior.

L11D 2792
Berber Yellow / Primer


  1. Johnny Lightning makes some fantastic diecast vehicles. Love the detail on this Bug.

    1. I've bought some cool Johnny Lightning stuff, but I think I prefer the Auto World stuff.