Monday, May 17, 2021

Matchbox Monday: 2020 #003/100 MBX Self-Driving Bus

From the 2020 series, the MBX Self-Driving Bus is part of the MBX City subseries.

This MBX Self-Driving Bus is not a vehicle I would normally buy, but was in completionist mode and wanted to go for a complete set of 2020 Matchbox vehicles. The vehicle itself features a die-cast lower half, painted white, while the top portion of the vehicle is a translucent blue plastic. It's a rather unique mold and I wonder how much use Mattel will get out of this one. When I look at this bus I'm reminded of the self-guided transports from the PS4 video game, Detroit Become Human (which is a fantastic, story driven game that I highly recommend!).

This is the first use of this mold.

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  1. I'll have to watch some YT reviews on Detroit Become Human. Summer is just around the corner and I see myself playing at least a couple of PS4 games.