Friday, April 27, 2018

Web Diver: Jaguaron W-01 Lucky Draw

Once upon a time I used to spend countless hours perusing Yahoo! Japan Auction listings looking for the next elusive item I wanted to purchase. I eventually came across a listing for this black version of the Webdiver character Jaguaron and ended up placing the winning bid. I figured it was limited being that it was packaged in a plain white box and sported a slick black and yellow deco, however I really wasn't able to find anything else about the toy. Even to this day, I don't know how limited this figure is as there just isn't much info posted (at least in English) on the web. If anyone reading can shed any light on how this was distributed or how many were manufactured I'd greatly appreciate the information.

I don't recall what I paid for this piece and I don't recall what I sold it for. While I don't own many Webdiver toys today, I do kick myself for letting this one go. I'm sure the market for this toy is small so I doubt I got much in return for mine. 

I do plan on doing a more proper review of the regular release of Jaguaron, so this post is more or less to show off the pictures I took before I decided to part with mine.

Many of the Webdiver toys take an acquired taste as they differ from your traditional transforming robot, however I always liked Jaguaron and this darker color scheme made the mold look that much better.

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