Friday, August 18, 2017

Shinkalion: Unity Combiner

Back in the spring we took a look at Takara Tomy's first combiner in their Shinkalion series of transforming trains. I did a review for each of the three members, as well as a rare video review of the combiner, Unity. (links to those individual reviews are at the bottom of this post)

Since then I took additional pictures of the combined mode along with some comparisons with some G1 Transformers combiners by request. If you are curious about the toys themselves and how well the actual combiner is, please check out the individual reviews or the video review that are linked at the bottom.

From what I can gather from the instructions, this is Unity's default look with Mizuho forming the center/head with Noizu and Hikari Railstar forming the arms.

Two of the individual weapons can be merged together to form a large sword, while Unity can also wield a rifle.

Switching it up w/ Hikari Railstar as the torso/head. I don't mind this look at Unity still has a balanced look in that the center is gray while the arms and legs are white.

Of course Noizu can form the torso/head portion of Unity. The colors are off balanced in this formation, plus I don't care for the pinkish red used on the headsculpt.

Unity stands about the same height as some of the previous released Shinkalion robots.

Bruticus, from Transformers is one of my favorite combiners so I grabbed him from one my glass display cases to see how well he would stack up against Unity. Not bad. He stands a little taller than Bruticus, but is about the same width.

Unity is a fantastic toy no matter which formation you display him in. Of all the Shinkalion toys I've opened thus far he's by far the best in the series. He can be a little difficult to track down now as most online retailers have sold through their stock. Expect to pay anywhere between $60 on the low side and $120 on the high side for the set. Unity was also packaged as a giftset with different colored weapons.

700 Noizu
700 Hikari Railstar
- N700 Mizuho
Unity (combiner, video review)


  1. Big fan of any and all combiners. If I ever win the lottery, one of my first purchases would be the Aerialbots. Bruticus is pretty sweet too.

    1. G1 Bruticus is my favorite combiner...though those toy molds have been used so many times I'm kinda tired of it!