Monday, August 14, 2017

Transformers 3rd Party: Impossible Toys - Animated Humans

One of the earliest 3rd party companies to make unofficial Transformers products was Impossible Toys. They were also one of the first 3rd party companies to go out of business. Before they did however, they released a set of PVC figurines of 3 human characters from Transformers Animated...Professor Sumdac, Captain Fanzone and Sair.

These figures were not articulated, but solid pieces of plastic. The paint apps for the most part were OK, but from what I've seen of this set there were some that were horrendous. I actually acquired this set for free at TFCon Charlotte in 2015 courtesy of Captured Prey. They pretty much left a bucket of these sets out near the registration table to people to take. Yeah, they sold that well!

Professor Sumdac

Captain Fanzone


I long have since sold my Animated collection so I really can't say if these scaled well with the actual Animated toys. I would think not as these figures were about 3 inches tall (maybe?). While I loved the Animated television show, I didn't care enough about the toys to keep them. I guess for some people/collectors this set would "complete" their Animated collection, but I ended up passing this set on to someone who actually wanted the toys.


  1. yikes , these are really rough looking. I can see why they gave them away.

    1. Yeah, they really weren't that great. Not much of Impossible Toys stuff was good.