Friday, August 11, 2017

Captain America, The First Avenger: Red Skull (movie)

Like any good Hollywood movie these days, 2011's Captain America, the First Avenger had it's own line of toys by Hasbro. The 3 3/4" action figures were released in two varieties, comic and movie. Impulsively I picked up a few of the figures back when they were on retail shelves and one of the figures I purchased was the movie version of the classic villain, the Red Skull.

I didn't mind the way that Hugo Weaving portrayed the character in the movie and I quite liked his look. This figure does a good job at capturing his movie likeness. Great head sculpt and uniform bring this figure to life. He came packaged with a few accessories including a hand gun, the Tesseract (aka Cosmic Cube) and a very large spring loaded rifle. The rifle is so large that I never could get him to properly hold it. Load the blue energy projectile into the rifle and it was even more absurdly large.

This figure is no longer a part of my collection as he was a casualty of downsizing, however don't let that fool you into thinking this isn't a nice action figure. It's a great sculpt and surprisingly had good paint apps as well. I love his his left hand was given a more open palm look as he can hold the glowing Tesseract quite well. If you are into the smaller scaled Marvel figures and need a villian for your heroes to combat, look no further than the Red Skull!


  1. Lol... what's up with the oversized weapons? I'm not really a fan. But you're right... the figure itself looks really good. I'm really impressed with that head sculpt.

    1. Hasbro started those way oversized weapons w/ the first live action GIJoe toy series and it seemed to carry over. I love the Cosmic Cube accessory though.