Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Transformers United: Artfire (Million Publishing Exclusive)

Let me preface today's post by saying this isn't my best work. The photos turned out so horrible that I almost just deleted them and moved on. However I no longer own the toy and I did take the time to photograph and "edit" the photos and I hate to think I wasted my time. So instead of scrapping them images I'm just going to present them gallery style. I feel like most Transformers fans are familiar with some version of this mold so instead of giving you my opinion, I present to you some sub-par images!

United Artfire photo February2013168_zpsce191128.jpg

United Artfire photo February2013169_zps57b21ac9.jpg

United Artfire photo February2013170_zps75048025.jpg   United Artfire photo February2013171_zps5b31695b.jpg

United Artfire photo February2013172_zps3c5b76bd.jpg

United Artfire photo February2013173_zpsca9c7dbd.jpg

United Artfire photo February2013175_zps06500266.jpg

United Artfire photo February2013174_zps482311e0.jpg

United Artfire photo February2013218_zpsbb720b25.jpg

United Artfire photo February2013217_zpsd7d3ff94.jpg

United Artfire photo February2013216_zps1b36d135.jpg

United Artfire photo February2013215_zps8f6624a8.jpg
Targetmasters can attach to the ladder/crane arm

United Artfire photo February2013221_zps01ac1bbd.jpg

United Artfire photo February2013220_zps9fb1178a.jpg
Comparison with Arms Micron Firebolt

United Artfire photo February2013224_zpsdec116d0.jpg

United Artfire photo February2013223_zpsbdb01cd8.jpg
Comparison with Henkei! Henkei! Nightstick

United Artfire photo February2013222_zps19519862.jpg
Comparison with Henkei! Henkei! Nightstick

United Artfire photo February2013176_zps83cf981d.jpg

United Artfire photo February2013177_zps8b887673.jpg
Alongside Million Publishing exclusive Targetmaster partner, Stepper


  1. D'oh! You can tell I'm really out of it today as I already posted a review of this piece...back on May 24th, 2013. Oh well....

    1. Yeah, well with the job announcement the other day and this crazy winter weather I've had a lot on my mind recently. I was just looking to some plastic to help take my mind off of reality!