Friday, February 6, 2015

The Walking Dead Building Sets (McFarlane): Collectible Figure Blind Bag

I thought with The Walking Dead premiering on AMC this upcoming weekend, now was as good a time to share this little piece than any. Most collectors know that McFarlane Toy has released a series of building sets based on the popular zombie franchise. What I didn't know was how would Todd McFarlane put his own spin on these, especially the figures.

Walking Dead McFarlane photo 012_zpsd8460c8c.jpg

A few months back I found a box of the blind bag packaged figures at my local Toys R Us. I believe they retailed for $3.99 each, but don't hold me to that. It appears that series 1 contains 8 different characters. I grabbed one just because I was curious as to how these looked in hand.

Walking Dead McFarlane photo 013_zps370e039e.jpg

I didn't bother standing there feeling each pack, I just grabbed one and made my way to the checkout. Upon opening the foil packet these were the contents inside, a backpack, two legs, a head, torso, waist, a chain and a little clear figure stand.

I immediately thought these pieces looked like Mega Bloks, but more detailed. The pieces simply snap together and most of them seemed to have a very tight fit.

Walking Dead McFarlane photo 014_zps92ef384c.jpg     Walking Dead McFarlane photo 015_zps15d14dd3.jpg

Once everything was snapped together I've got to say I was impressed. The figure overall stands at around 2 inches or so. This zombie of course is one of the two that Michonne was first shown with in the television show. Lots of detail has been given to both the zombie's rotting flesh, but also to his clothing and accessories. 

The figure stand included is done in a way I've never seen before. On the back of the right foot is a rounded hook if you will, molded on the figure's heel. This is so it can clip around the little peg on the back end of the stand. While the figure can stand without the aid of the stand, it's a nice little added touch.

I've yet to buy any others and I'm not sure if I will at this point. It's not because I don't like what McFarlane as done here or it's not because I don't like zombies. I think this is pretty nifty and if money and space weren't an issue with me, I'd probably buy one of the larger building sets. However as-is I have a nice little display piece that represents yet another creative entry into the building block arena of toys.


  1. Hey I ended up grabbing a couple packs of these a couple weeks ago, and I featured it on the Minifigure collector. But wouldn't you know it I got two of the same guy, Daryl Dixon. I'll add it to your trade box I'm putting together if you want it.