Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Transformers Campaign Micron - Superlink Micron Throttle (Windcharger)

Store exclusive Microns are nothing new in Japan. Back in 2004 during the days of the Superlink series (aka Energon), the combiner we know in the west as Perceptor, was cast in translucent plastic and given away as individual Microns as part of a Toys R Us promotion.

Throttle photo Microns058_zps49d706f7.jpg

Throttle, or Energon Sureshock if you will, was given away in August of 2004 at Toys R Us stores in Japan with the total purchase of 2,000 yen or more of Superlink toys. Reports are there were only 4,000 made. His combining partners, Accel and Screw can merge together to form the Windcharger.

Throttle photo Microns057_zpsd8d035af.jpg

While the combined form looks pretty good, this as a stand alone Micron sucks. Well at least the robot does. I can live with the 4 wheeler alt mode. These guys always escaped my grasp when I was collecting anything and everything Micron / Mini-Con related. I only was able to grab Throttle and even then I had to spend more than I wanted. I do have to say the use of the translucent blue plastic mixed in with the solid gray and black plastic looks good against the clear plastic. I would have loved to build Windcharger as I already had the other versions of this toy (Energon, Micron Booster), but it just wasn't in the cards for me.

Throttle photo Microns056_zpse0833fbf.jpg

I can only recommend this version of the Micron combiner to the hard core collectors, especially if you can't obtain all 3 at one time.

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