Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Transformers Arms Micron: Shadow Gora (Promotional Micron)

During the Arms Micron series in Japan, several Micron toys were made available as promotional items. Megatron's packed in Micron, Gora, was redone in black and released as Shadow Gora. Released exclusively at participating Joshin and Bic Camera stores, Shadow Gora could be had for free with a purchase of Transformers Arms Micron / Prime toys totalling 3,000 yen or more.

There was a time where I wanted to collect all the Arms Micron Microns, but ultimately I decided not to pursue that chase as it would turn out to be expensive and overall a headache I just didn't need. However I did acquire Shadow Gora before I decided to turn my efforts elsewhere.

There are no mold changes to this version of Gora. Other than the sticker underneath the red crystal, the figure is also free of stickers. Shadow Gora's alt mode is a gorilla type creature.

Shadow Gora still retains the flip out blades on each side on the weapon mode. Just like the regular version of Gora, these blades look more like butter knives. They are fat and have rounded tips. Without the silver chrome stickers that Gora sports, this just looks bland and silly.

I appreciate what Takara Tomy was trying to do w/ the majority of the Microns from the Arms Micron line, just they just don't fit into the scope of my collection any longer.


  1. What's the third mode that's pictured? I kinda like that mode the best.

    1. 3 modes - cannon, cannon w/ blade extended and gorilla