Thursday, January 16, 2014

GameGavel has changed a lot since I first registered on the site back in 2009.  Today it's one of the better alternatives to eBay when it comes to selling and buying video games.  While it's hard for anyone to complete head to head w/ the juggernaut that is known as eBay, GameGavel has done a good job creating a niche video game auction website.

I've mentioned before that I've been getting more and more (back) into retro gaming.  This has lead me to combing through my game collection and pulling out a few titles I had duplicates of, or just no longer wanted.  Some of these titles came in lots I bought and others just haven't aged well.  Some of the games I'm letting go of are being sacrificed due to space restrictions.  I love the clamshell cases that Sega Master System and Genesis games come in, but they take up more room on a shelf than say a loose NES or SNES cart.

While I already sell a lot of the toys on eBay that you see reviewed here on the blog, I'm trying my hand at selling my unwanted games on GameGavel.  The site seems to be getting more traffic these days so we'll see what happens.

I've added a link to the upper right corner of the blog.  This link will take you directly to my page with all of my current listings.  The same can be said for the eBay link.  

That's it. Just a little plug for the auction website.  More great toy reviews will be on their way soon!

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