Friday, January 10, 2014

Transformers 2007 Botcon: Mirage

Botcon 2007 will always hold a special place with me.  1) It was the last Fun Publications ran Botcon I attended, 2) it was held in Providence, Rhode Island and was bundled in with a trip to my wife's family in the New England area and 3) it was the year of the Hasbro tour.

This particular year of Botcon also yielded a fairly nice freebie to all of the attendees that pre-registered for the show and made the trip.  The Classics series had recently been unleashed on the masses and Fun Publications decided to take the excellent Mirage mold and cast it in translucent blue plastic, effectively making him look invisible.

2007 Botcon Mirage photo 9-21-13037_zpsc6ebe027.jpg

I know it's a simple idea, but it's one that really works well.  Pictures don't serve this toy the proper justice it deserves.  This piece looks much nicer in person.

2007 Botcon Mirage photo 9-21-13039_zps0ab6feb8.jpg

2007 Botcon Mirage photo 9-21-13038_zpsa47c138d.jpg

If the Classics Mirage mold wasn't so beautiful in of itself, I'm sure a translucent version wouldn't make the toy that much more desirable.  Most readers should be familiar w/ this mold already and if you aren't, you really owe it to yourself and your collection to go out and buy the regular version of Mirage immediately.

2007 Botcon Mirage photo 9-21-13041_zpsa0e6bceb.jpg

In both formula one car mode and in robot mode this toy just oozes awesomeness.  Definitely one of the better translucent Transformers released.

2007 Botcon Mirage photo 9-21-13040_zpsd4b61700.jpg

2007 Botcon Mirage photo 9-21-13043_zps1ac0ceb4.jpg

2007 Botcon Mirage photo 9-21-13042_zps7927a27f.jpg

Did I mention this guy is super articulated and poseable?  Mirage usually commands near $100 on the secondary market these days so that may make him unattainable for some collectors.  However the mold was also used in the first Movie line as a Walmart exclusive, Fracture, a homage to the Go-Bots character Crasher.  One way or another this mold needs to be in your collection.


  1. I still feel as though this mold of Mirage is perhaps in the top two or three molds of the last decade. The poseability alone makes this guy a must have.