Monday, May 13, 2013

Transformers Cap Bots: Captimus Prime

First Takara teamed with Nike to create a new sub-line of Transformers called Sports Label.  We got 3 different transforming Nike athletic shoes...something this fan never saw coming.  The Sports Label line came and went and nothing of the like had been done since.  Enter Takara Tomy's newest partnership with premier hat maker, New Era.

Captimus Prime photo 122_zps8c2b0363.jpg

Captimus Prime photo 123_zpse87d4771.jpg

When I first saw images of these Cap Bots solicited online I thought nothing of them.  Then I read somewhere they had push button transformations and I was intrigued.  I loved the flip changers from Machine Wars, Beast Wars and RID lines so I knew there would be a chance these 2 guys could equally be cool.  What sealed the deal was finding Captimus Prime here for around $15.

As you can see New Era's logo is prominently displayed on the front of the packaging.  There is even a gold New Era sticker on the cap's bill!  The packaging is really being a resealable clamshell.  The instructions are folded up nicely and tucked up in a small compartment underneath the hat.

Captimus Prime photo 127_zps69dd8a39.jpg

While the cap is rather small (fits in the palm of an adult's hand) it really is a rather striking piece.  First off all the colors are spot on for Optimus Prime.  It also holds together remarkably well, although after several transformations I noticed the Autobot symbol doesn't want to line up perfectly with each side.

Captimus Prime photo 128_zpsc1b2b980.jpg

The back of the cap isn't perfectly rounded however.  There are two small columns that are part of the transformation.  It would've been nice if the designers found a way to integrate these into the curves of the cap, but honestly they aren't that bad and can't be seen from the front view.

Now to transform him from cap to robot simply press the blue button in the top center of the cap and he pops open!

Captimus Prime photo 124_zpsc3a068e9.jpg

Like most spring loaded transforming Transformers there is a bit of manual parts moving required.  The "ankles" need to be repositioned a bit to stand the figure up right.  I will point out that you can make the legs a little shorter by rotating the white piece in his lower leg flat with the feet.  Fold down the arms and position the side of the cap kibble however you like and you're done.

I was surprised to see that the figure sports quite a bit of articulation.  I mean I wasn't expecting a transforming hat to be that poseable!  He does feature a little bit of kibble, but that was expected.  At least there is some molding to the inside of the hat kibble (more on that in a second), but what I wanted to point out are the two blue pieces of the cap's bill underneath the forearms.  These pieces aren't articulated, but do look like knives or a bayonet of sorts.

The cap's bill doubles as the feet and once separated I can't help but think Captimus has duck feet.  The plus side of the large feet is you should have no trouble posing this guy in dynamic poses or just having him stand up right on his own.

Captimus Prime photo 125_zpsd86c02d3.jpg

If this guy didn't already look cool enough they had to go and sculpt a cap on the robot's head!  Genius!

Captimus Prime photo 126_zps972a7977.jpg

A large portion of the cap that hangs on Captimus' back has some awesome looking sculpting on the underside.  I'm not sure if these are supposed to be jet thrusters or some type of offensive weapon.  These two pieces connect via a ball joint so they can be posed in whatever manner you desire.  Fold them up and over the head for extra firepower, or rotate them down to act has a jet pack.  You decide!

Captimus Prime photo 129_zps1d77b2ec.jpg

So the question remains if you need a transforming hat in your Transformers collection.  If you like to obscure then you'll probably really like this guy (or his evil counterpart, Capticon).  As you can see Captimus is just a tad smaller than a G1 Action Master.  I personally can't say he is worth the $25+ a lot of online retailers were originally asking, but if you can find him for closer to what I paid then I say give 'em a try.

Oh yeah...these Cap Bots are scaled pretty perfectly for your new Encore or vintage Fort Max!


  1. I was skeptical about this because of the duck feet. But you've really identified a few cools things for me here:

    (1) the robot head has a hat sculpted into it; and
    (2) Fort Max can wear the cap!

    I might just go looking out for this...

    1. I might go back and get Capticon to complete the set. Thankfully the prices of them on the secondary market haven't gone through the roof yet.

  2. I've really been on the fence on this guy. Thanks to your review, I think I may just be getting him. For some reason, I thought he'd be taller than an Action Master. That's surprising.

  3. Ok to me this just seems really weird but I guess it works on a certain level.

    1. It's no more odd than the transforming Nike shoes they made a few years ago!

  4. Lol... what will they think of next. Gotta admit, Prime looks pretty cool when he's in hat mode.

    1. Well they have transforming ice cream bars in Japan too...but I'm not importing those.