Thursday, May 2, 2013

Marvel Legends: Iron Man - Heroic Age Iron Man

Just in time for Iron Man 3 hitting theaters nationwide this weekend, I have for you the Heroic Age Iron Man from Hasbro's latest wave of Marvel Legends.

Usually the Marvel Legends line of figures showcases characters from across the Marvel universe, but with the latest effort the line will focus on Iron Man and his allies and villains.  This isn't the first time however that a character has been given the spotlight.  The Incredible Hulk had his own wave of Marvel Legends figures (including the awesome Build-A-Figure of Fin Fang Foom!).

Iron Man photo CAM00329_zps5591da2c.jpg

For this series Hasbro decided to break up the releases and launch the line with 3 figures, Iron Patriot, Classic Iron Man and Heroic Age Iron Man.  The last 3 figures (identities unknown) will launch later this fall. The Build-A-Figure this time around is Iron Monger.  Now I never read a lot of Iron Man comics growing up (more of a Captain America fan) so when I hear the name Iron Monger I think of the movie design from the first Iron Man flick.  This BAF Iron Monger is modeled after his comic version and ought to be a very nice looking figure once fully assembled.

Iron Man photo CAM00330_zpscb5924d1.jpg

Full-body Nano-Tech integration.  Self-repairing technology.  Weapons formed with only a thought.  This is beyond advanced. the bleeding edge!

Iron Man photo CAM00335_zps8d868b3d.jpg   Iron Man photo CAM00336_zps481179f5.jpg

I really like the look of this Heroic Age armor.  Hasbro has done a great job with the rich metallic red paint.  The darker gold metallic blends in well and the light blue hues of the arc reactor and other ports on the armor stand out beautifully.

Articulation is your standard Marvel Legends quality.  Double jointed elbows & knees and swivel bicep & thighs give you that added ability to pull off some good poses.  My only gripe with the figure is the permanently molded fist.  The casting of the hand is excellent, but it does somewhat limit the types of action poses one can put him in.

Iron Man photo CAM00331_zps70e68d71.jpg   Iron Man photo CAM00334_zpsea9e51f3.jpg

Iron Monger will be comprised of 6 individual pieces.  The torso is packaged with Iron Patriot, the right leg with Classic Iron Man, left leg with Heroic Age Iron Man.  The right & left arms and the head will come in the fall with the last 3 characters.  Any guesses of who they may be?  My money is on the Mandarin.

 photo CAM00337_zps1371871a.jpg

It seems that all of the BAFs since Hasbro re-launched the line have been small.  Terrax, Arnim Zola and Hit Monkey have exactly blown my doors off, though the first two are gladly in my Marvel collection.  It appears by just looking at Iron Monger's left leg that this smaller BAF trend may be coming to an end!

Iron Man photo CAM00338_zps13393b87.jpg

The instructions this time around are much smaller than with previous waves.  The glossy paper has also been replaced by a flat white paper.  The instructions continue the chapter like info for the characters.  Called "Inside the Armor Vault", this is #3 of 6.

Notable Tech:  Nanoparticles that make up the armor can take the form of any weapon with only a thought from Stark.  

Iron Man enters the Heroic Age with armor that goes beyond Extremis, beyond anything the world has ever seen.  To the rest of us, the armor represents the bleeding edge of technological achievement.  To a genius like Tony Stark, it's just the next thing.

Read more in Invincible Iron Man #25

Skipping the last 2 waves of Marvel Legends figures I was happy to see something at retail that caught my attention again.  I'm very much looking forward to collecting the rest of this series along with catching Iron Man 3 (and Free Comic Book Day) this weekend.


  1. Never had any regret getting this figure, he's just in perfect scale with the rest of the newer Marvel Legends (Hasbro).

  2. I keep seeing this in my local TRU and yesterday had a good look again... I may just break and go for it soon!