Saturday, March 5, 2011

Transformers: Beast Wars - McDonald's Happy Meal

McDonald's has a rich history of their Happy Meal toys tying into various toy lines over the years and Transformers was no exception. In 1996 McDonald's released 5 toys to coincide with the launch of the Beast Wars brand. What I found interesting was the actual Happy Meal box had perforated "cards" of the different characters. Some of the cards were of the new characters designed for the promotion while others were of characters that would eventually be featured in the main line of toys as well as the awesome CGI rendered television show. 

What I really liked about these cards is the artwork. I don't believe I've seen  this artwork used anywhere else. The art does a good job capturing a organic feel. Also note the Transformers logo used is that of Generation 2.

No monkey here! Optimus Primal is featured in his bat form from the comic book 2 pack release.

Cheetor here looks resembles his first deluxe release action figure very closely.

Polar Claw I was surprised to see on the box. While not the greatest figure I still love the alt mode and the art.

Dinobot - the fan favorite. Razorback - the character that should've been in the television show.

Panther & Rhino - 2 of the Happy Meal exclusive characters. Panther I can live with, but I swear I always thought of Rhino as the poor man's Rhinox. Notice these cards contain the McD's logo.

Megatron, leader of the Predacons. I love Megs as a alligator - more so than a T-Rex.

Scorponok pictured here with his alternate or "mutant" head.

Waspinator - the lovable loser!

Tarantulas & Terrorsaur


Beetle & Manta Ray - 2 more of the Happy Meal exclusive characters. Beetle in my opinion was the best toy. Blame it on Depth Charge, but I always see Manta Ray and think of him as a Maximal.

If anyone has a lead on a 1996 Transformers Beast Wars Happy Meal box that is still intact please shoot me an e-mail.  


  1. Wow, these are great! I've never seen these before anywhere. Are there only fourteen total?

  2. These are all of them. They were originally all around the outside of the Happy Meal box.