Tuesday, March 15, 2011

LEGO Minifigure Collection Series 3

On a quick trip to Walmart the other day to pick up a few supplies for work I noticed on one the island displays in the toy department was a large gravity feeder type display full of the new series 3 LEGO Minifigure Collection packs.

I had read online that the 2 previous series had been found at Walmart stores, but this is my first sighting of them.  I was pinched for time (and money) so I just grabbed one pack and headed to the checkout lane.

I know that there are lists of the barcodes online that help you figure out which figure is in the pack, but I haven't bothered with searching out that information thus far.  So for now let's open the pack and see which minifigure is inside.


Just like in past releases you can see a few of the figures from the series on the front.  The green bug eyed alien really stands out - so does the indian. 


Each pack contains a folded up poster checklist.  A quick scan of the list and I really want the mummy and the baseball player.  Having vacationed in Hawaii the hula girl is also a neat figure.  I'm also loving the beard accessory on the fisherman.


I ended up with the female snowboarder.  OK, not a bad figure.  Good design of the figure's uniform.  Love the big goggles on the helmet.  The snowboard accessory is very nice.  The board itself is a shade of navy blue and with the light blue and purple snowflakes it goes well with the minifigure.  You can attach the snowboard to the included stand if you so wish to display your snowboarder in action.

At $3 bucks a pop and being blind packaged these can be a fun purchase.  I may grab a few more of these if I head back to that particular Walmart as I know in the past the inventory can be gobbled up fairly quickly by rabbid fans.  If anyone reading this already has the mummy, baseball player or the fisherman and you want to trade for this snowboarder let me know.

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