Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Transformers Robot-Man Z (Antex)

Name: Robot-Man Z
Line: Transformers (Antex, Argentina exclusive)
Year: unknown
Price: unknown (paid $15.00)

Today's review will be rather short as I know little about the background of this toy. Nevertheless, enjoy!

I recently acquired this piece from a eBay seller in Argentina for $15.00. I knew Antex released different colored G1 mini-bots years ago and I knew the Jumpstarters had also been released in different color schemes, but I had never seen this version simply called Robot-Man Z. Don't ask me why, but I like the G1 Jumpstarters, esp. Twin Twist. I picked up Salt-Man X years ago when I first saw him so I couldn't resist this purchase.

I haven't quite figured out why Salt-Man X's colors are used on the packaging when Robot-Man Z has an entirely different color scheme. True they share the same mold, but what gives? My guess is it was a cheap way for Antex to save money and just re-use the same colored box art. I like the black and white myself, but compared to Salt-Man's yellow the white does seem a little bland. The included stickers were printed on very cheap paper and don't stick very well. Even the pre-applied stickers on the legs will fall off if you stare at them. Even the blister card is a very flimsy cardboard. The included gun is the same as G1 Twin Twists' minus the gaudy silver chrome.

If you've played w/ any Jumpstarter then you know what you're getting here. That said I plan to leave this toy sealed. Now I just gotta find a place to display this big blister card.

The other thing I can't figure out is when this toy was released. It uses the Generation 2 logo, but I couldn't find any copy right date on the packaging. Also, is Robot-Man Z here a Autobot or a Decepticon? There aren't any faction symbols on the toy or the sticker sheet. The G2 banner uses the Decepticon logo so I'm going with that. Now the Decepticons have their own Jumpstarter! Watch out Battle Chargers, there's a new BA in town!

The entire pack of the packaging is printed in another language so I really can't make out anything...but do we even need to be able to read it? Come on, it's a friggin' Jumpstarter! Fold robot over, pull back and release!

Alright, I've said far more than I had planned to do. So there you have a Transformer oddity...or grail in my case (yes, I have a warped view of grails!).

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