Wednesday, May 29, 2013

3B's Toy Hive Contest Winnings - Hot Wheels / Matchbox: Batman

Sometime last year I won a prize in a contest hosted by 3B's Toy Hive.  In the mess I call my toy room / man cave at home these 3 Batman Hot Wheels / Matchbox cars got lost in the shuffle until recently.  While I'm more of a Marvel Comics fan, I can appreciate the Batman character and all of his cool gadgets...including his vehicles.  I also love die-cast cars and such so I was happy to receive these items.

Batman photo 044_zpse9cc6585.jpg

I may be one of the only people on planet Earth that hasn't seen the "new" Batman trilogy, but I do think the two Hot Wheels came from that series of films.  The Matchbox Batmobile...I haven't got a clue as to where it comes from.  The comics maybe?

Batman photo 051_zps75228978.jpg

I really like the Batmobile on the right.  The metallic blue Batmobile isn't bad, but the aircraft on the far right is just weird.

Batman photo 046_zps57e620e8.jpg

Starting off with "The Bat" I'm not sure what to think.  Looking head on it kind of resembles a helicopter.  Underneath the translucent blue canopy you can see there is a small seat molded inside the cockpit.  On either side of the cockpit are what appears to be two large turbines...or are they guns of some type.  See, I told you I haven't seen these movies!

Batman photo 047_zps893670ea.jpg

Batman photo 048_zpse50c4662.jpg

I wasn't expecting the arched look when I took the vehicle out of the package.  Looking at the under belly of the craft it looks more like some sort of crustacean than it does a vehicle.

Batman photo 045_zps284ef5e6.jpg

Now this version of the Batmobile I like.  The flat matte black combined with the blue canopy and metallic blue trim on the wheels looks great.

Batman photo 049_zps1e7c15ee.jpg

Batman photo 050_zps8d98970f.jpg

The Matchbox Batmobile looks a lot different and more comic book-ish.  The combination of the metallic blue and red looks pretty good, but I don't care for the red "eyes" on the front.

Outside of the black Batmobile I'm not sure if I would've bought either of these had I found them "in the wild", but after opening them up I can appreciate the vehicles.  I've since given them to my little girls who love playing with Hot Wheels.

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