Monday, January 7, 2013

Masters of the Universe Classics: Moss Man

Moss Man.  The air freshener of the Masters of the Universe.  My first real exposure to this character (like many other MOTU characters) was in the Mike Young Productions (MYP) cartoon.  I knew of him prior to watching the MYP series, but what really impressed me was his evil nemesis, Evilseed.  Sadly Evilseed has yet to be given the proper action figure treatment.  Moss Man did get a 200X action figure, but he was exclusive to the old Toy Fare magazine as the series was cancelled before a mass release figure could be made.

I had an issue with this figure for many reasons, but mostly due to it not at all looking like Moss Man as depicted in the MYP series.  If you can't tell - this is is a green, flocked Beast Man with Mekanek's mace.  While I do still have this figure in my collection, it's not one of my favorites.  I was so relieved when I saw that Mattel was going to include him in the new Masters of the Universe Classics line.


Moss Man came in two varieties, flock and non-flocked ears.  I got the non-flocked ears.  That whole thing still confuses me.  Anyhow, unlike the 200X figure, Moss Man isn't exactly a green, flocked Beast Man this time around.  Out of the package this is the figure you have in your hands...


You guessed it - a green, flocked Beast Man head.  Blah.  Moss Man to my knowledge has never been portrayed as this burly, aggressive type of character so I don't understand the whole Beast Man head.  I know the inclusion of the head is a nice throw back to the vintage line or even the 200X line, but this head just doesn't cut it for me.  Thankfully however I don't have to display my air freshener action figure with this look.



Ah, now this is better!  The Four Horsemen undoubtedly modeled this new head sculpt based on his MYP look...and how awesome does it look.  It looks a little Planet of the Apes-ish, but I'm OK with that.  Gone is the big green exposed forehead, the gnarly teeth and the evil looking eyes.  These features are replaced with a more docile look that better captures his MYP portrayal.  Even the fuzzy green flocking looks nice on this new head sculpt.


Mattel did a good job with the flocking on this figure.  As you can see not all of the figure has been covered - the arm joints were left exposed as the back of the knees.  This allows the modern articulation to not be hindered by the new covering.  And if you are missed my comments about the pine scent - it's strong.  I couldn't believe how strong of a pine smell the figure had when I originally opened the figure.  It's been over a year since he's been on display and he still retains most of his pine smell...thankfully however it's not as potent now.

Shelflife014   Shelflife017

What makes this figure work, in my opinion are the new accessories.  In addition to the two different heads, Moss Man also gets a new vine sash and wooden mace.  The the sash has a little bag and knife sheath sculpted on the right side.  A removable knife is also included.  The mace looks great.  I especially like the smaller vines that are wrapped around it.

Moss Man is one of those figures that may not wow everyone, but with the new head attached it's a simple, great looking figure that equally blends in well no matter which camp you're in.  As a bonus your room will never smell better!


  1. Gonna be honest, I really liked the 200x Moss Man.

    1. I saw images of the exclusive 200X Moss Man before I saw the character portrayed in the MYP cartoon. Up until then I too liked the toy, but I now prefer his cartoon look. I still have the 200X figure and don't intend on selling it.