Saturday, January 12, 2013

Machine Robo Rescue: TMR-02SG Siren Garry

The Blue Siren team was given their own transport - Siren Garry.  A large armored tractor trailer of sorts, Siren Garry could transport either the Police Robo or Gyro Robo teams.  As with the other Machine Robo Rescue transports, Siren Garry can convert into a large robot.



While I love Wing Liner, I think Siren Garry has the best looking vehicle mode.  The toy is large and bulky, but sleek looking at the same time.  The cab is detachable from the trailer and each section opens up to store Blue Siren's team members.



I really, really love the look of Siren Garry's cab.  From the aerodynamic look to how the wheels are reversed from a traditional tractor trailer cab, this thing is so cool.  I even like the way the cab opens up for the team's leader - complete with retractable ramp.


The top of the rear portion of the trailer opens up and folds out to form two ramps leading into the trailer.  Because the this portion also forms the legs of the robot there are two separate compartments.  Each section here will store two drones.


Transformation is rather easy.  Remove the cab and fold it in half.  Rotate the light bar around to reveal the robot head.  Set it aside.  The front half of the trailer folds down to form the arms.  On the top of the trailer are two flat gray pieces - fold them over to cover the hollow end of the arms.  Fold out the fingers on each hand.

The rear of the trailer slightly slides apart to form the legs.  The "spoiler" pieces on the top slide down to form the feet.  On the hips are two white panels that flip down to cover the hollow legs.  Grab the cab and slide it into the upper section to complete Siren Garry Robo's conversion.


The robot head is a great sculpt, but my main problem with it is that it is way too small.  I love the large stocky look of the robot, but the small head really holds the figure back.

From the look of the red light bar you would think they light up, but being a toy from 2003 and not 2013, electronic lights and sound weren't as common place as they are now.

I was also disappointed when I pulled this toy off the shelf to notice that some of the white plastic had started to yellow in places.  I believe this is the first white toy that I've owned that has suffered this fate.  It's not to the place where the yellowing is horrible and completely ruins the toy, but it's sad none the less to see it.


Siren Garry may be smaller than Wing Liner, but he's just as equally awesome.  If I could only chose one of the two it'd be a tough choice, but I think I'd have to lean towards Siren Garry as he was my first MRR transport I acquired.





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