Saturday, November 24, 2012

Masters of the Universe Classics: Clawful

The Masters of the Universe Classics line has done a great job updating characters and in some cases merging the designs of the vintage and 200X toys into one.  Clawful, unfortunately, wasn't one of those.



As a whole Clawful isn't a bad looking figure at all.  I love how the red crustacean skin slowly fades into the human flesh.  The large crab shell on the back is a very nice touch as well.  The large articulated claw is very cool, but the head...the head!  When I see this version of Clawful I can't escape his lame voice from the cartoon reverberating in my head.  Too bad the Four Horsemen didn't use more of his excellent 200X design they captured in NECA's "staction figure".

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This is my preferred look for the character.  The long arms and the hunched over look give him a much more powerful and menacing look.  He also looks more crustacean and less human.


Clawful comes packaged with a shell shield and his green mace...very similar to the accessories his vintage figure came with.  He features the standard articulation that most of the MOTUC figures have.  Unlike some of the characters that have capes or other appenditures, Clawful will stand on his own without assistance.  He makes a good shelf filler if you're building an army for Skeletor, but there are better figures in the line if you're looking to pick up another villain.


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  1. I bet he tastes great steamed and dipped in butter.