Saturday, September 29, 2012

When I started this blog s few years ago I never thought I'd feature a girls toy here.  That was before I became a dad of two small girls.  Then again I did name this blog Random Toy Reviews.

One of the joys I have as a father is trying to turn my girls on to what daddy likes.  So far I've had modest success.  From early on both of my girls have taken a liking to Hot Wheels.  My oldest, Olivia is even starting to notice daddy's Transformers.  She doesn't really care play w/ my toys, but she does like all the various McDonald's TFs I've given here.  I also get a kick out of her recently calling them "transform robots".

Anyhow as a dad of two girls I have to make sure to go down the "other aisles" when visiting the toy department of Walmart, Target or Toys 'R Us.  Most of the time I dread it, but it is fun seeing both of them react when they see toys that catch their eye.  Olivia will be 3 in another week or so and my wife and I have both noticed that she is taking note of toy commercials on TV.  I'm beginning to think I'm going to be in trouble come Christmas!

As a many of you readers can attest to the blind packaged toy angle seems to be more popular now than ever.  Whether it's a LEGO or Mega Blocks figure, die-cast car or something else there is no shortage of blind packaged toys.  Not surprisingly Hasbro took the blind package idea across the aisle and launched a line of My Little Pony PVC figurines.

I don't know much about these other than they are affordable ($2 each) and my daughter loves them.  We've even begun to use them as a reward when my daughter fills up a chart with stickers for taking a nap and going to bed each night without fussing and screaming.  If you can't relate to what I'm talking about - you will one day after you have children.

Back to MLP.  If memory serves me correctly there are 24 ponies in each series and usually there are 3 "chase" figures.  I think the 3rd series was just released, but in the 2nd series the chase figures featured solid, metallic paint where as the regular figures were translucent and glittery.  I don't know the ratio of finding a chase figure, but what makes it so hard is many times when I find a box of these at local retail the packs have been ripped open to peek inside...that is if the toy was stolen.  It's a shame that collector's have ruined the experience for a lot of MLP fans.

Last week while @ Walmart I grabbed a few of these MLP packages to use for my daughter's reward.  A few days ago she filled up her chart w/ stickers and got to open one package.  I love watching her face as she reacts when pulling out the mystery pony inside the small bag.  This time her face really lit up as she pulled out one of the chase ponies...a metallic gold Applejack!


Yes.  I do know some of the ponies' names and what their cutie mark is.  Gad, did I just type cutie mark?  Quick!  Someone get me a Transformer!


I do have to say the collector in me is excited to see my daughter draw so much joy and excitement from something as simple as these little MLP figures.  Now if everyone will stop ripping open the bags or stealing the toys I can continue to reward Olivia with new ponies for some time to come.


  1. Strange things happen when you have a daughter, eh?

    If you get any doubles let me know, we can trade. Also I'll flat out buy the cards from you if you aren't interested in them.

    1. I failed to mention I've also introduced my daughter to the joys of collecting cards too! We may have a few doubles, but I don't always get the cards into her album before they suffer some mild bending and such. I'll let you know what doubles of figures or cards she may have.

  2. Adorable So Adorable!! I love MLP FIM, and Olivia is as adorable as Sweetie Belle :D