Thursday, September 20, 2012

Transformers Universe: Autobot Countdown

After Hasbro had released their Classics line of Transformers and saw how wildly popular it was with fans, they continued on the tradition of updating G1 characters under the Universe banner. Some fans have dubbed this Universe 2.0. Unfortunately these character updates didn't receive new molds, but repainted and re-purposed existing molds. Some of the mold and character choices worked, some did not. I feel like this one fell right in the middle. This particular toy was one of two Toys 'R Us exclusive voyagers.

In G1 continuity Countdown was a Micromaster moon buggy that commanded a rocket base. For this upgrade it seems as if Countdown had merged w/ the rocket base he once was in charge of. For this move Hasbro decided to use the Cybertron Defense Red Alert mold from the Cybertron toy line.

Autobot Countdown is a hero to millions of beings on thousands of planets, and a legend to even more. Even before other Autobots began venturing out into the universe, Autobot Countdown was out there, traveling from world to world, freeing those enslaved by tyrants, or oppressed by evil. He has traveled from end of the galaxy to the other, seen things that others can only dream about, and along the way he has left behind a trail of worlds basking in the warm glow of freedom. 

No longer is Countdown just a small moon buggy with a rocket base, but now he is a large armored 8 wheeled rocket launching transport vehicle. I like the mold and I like what Hasbro was trying to do, but something just feels off. You've got the large missile. You've got the blue and white colors from the original G1 toy, but I really miss the playset part.

I can't think of a better mold to use.  I used to have him displayed with my Classics / Generations Autobots, but have since decided to move him to make room for more "fitting" toys.  As good as the mold is, perhaps I just can't get by having a Unicron Trilogy mold still on my shelves!

While not as cool as the Botcon Darksyde Megatron figure, I do find that Autobot Countdown is a much better looking figure than the original CD Red Alert. While the large missile may be a bit overkill as a shoulder mounted weapon I do like the fact you have the ability to remove it. 

The figure is the exact same as CD Red Alert - same Cyber Key and key activated weapons / gimmicks. Insert the key into the back of the launcher and the rocket splits to reveal a spring loaded missile launcher.

I give Hasbro credit for trying what they did here, but for me I can't get past the aesthetic of the mold when standing side by side with the new Generations toys. If I had unlimited display space this guy would probably stay in my collection, but with limited space and money this big guy is headed to Yardsellr or eBay in the coming days.


  1. Wow....I was literally just looking at him on the Seibertron eBay page. He's a cool looking 'bot, but I don't think I have room for him in on my shelf at the moment mainly because he's a bit obscure. I hope the FOC Voyager class figures are as good as the Universe figures were.

    1. If you change your mind and you want 'em let me know.

  2. I toyed around with getting this guy for awhile, but he's just too blocky. Which is odd since I love my blocky G1 figures. I just don't expect blockiness from newer figures.


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