Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Transformers e-Hobby exclusive: Clamp Down (91)

When Takara had started up their book style TF Collection line of G1 re-issues in the early 2000's the Japanese site/store e-Hobby had partnered to release new decos of some of these TFs.  They had previously re-issued such TFs as the Decepticon seeker jets, Ironhide, Ratchet, Hoist & Trailbreaker as limited exclusives.  This time around however they would be releasing these new TFs in sets of 2 each month for several months.  Most of these new decos would be based on their ancestors - Diaclone.

Now let me say that I'm not near as educated in pre-Transformers.  I constantly find myself reading Maz's articles or going over to heroic_decepticon's blog for info.  However back in 2003 I knew that Clamp Down was based on a pre-existing Diaclone toy...making it that much more desirable for me and many other collectors.

Clamp Down was first made available for sale in January 2003 along w/ his "partner" Deep Cover.  I had previously bought many of the other e-Hobby pairs, but for some reason I never pulled the trigger on this pair and opted solely for Clamp Down...a move I now regret.  Clamp Down came packaged in a large window box sans box art similar to their other releases.  My box is still packed up in the closet and I couldn't be bothered to spend 30 minutes unpacking the closet to get to the box!  Clamp Down was given the designation number of 91.

Courtesy of TFWiki:

Assigned to an Earth police force as head of the Interplanetary Personnel Exchange Program along with his brother Deep Cover, Clamp Down (クランプダウン Kuranpu Daun) is a tough, dedicated cop who works tirelessly along with his human partners. Uncomplicated in his way of thinking, the straightforward, sometimes black-and-white view he has taken thanks to the Autobot/Decepticon war occasionally clashes with the views of his new co-workers, not to mention the legal system.

Clampdown006   Clampdown008

As you can tell Clamp Down is a redeco of the Red Alert mold.  The fire chief design has been replaced with a very nice police design.  Does he not remind you of Mach Alert / Prowl from Car Robots / RID?



I don't normally care for white Transformers, but man does this Lamborghini look sexy in white.  I was never a huge fan of this mold (more of a Sunstreaker kind of guy), but the more I fiddled around w/ this toy the more I've come to appreciate all versions...another reason I kick myself for not getting Deep Cover when I had the chance.


I'm not sure how I feel about the red used on this lower torso and legs.  I feel like it's a bit out of place what with his main colors being white and black.  Clamp Down uses the same rifle and shoulder mounted rocket launcher that Sideswipe, Red Alert and Deep Cover use.  Of note since this is a Japanese release the spring in the rocket launcher was left intact and fully functional.  Because of this I don't display many of my toys with their rockets in the launchers for fear of the spring's tension getting weak over time.  Like his rifle, his 3 included rockets are red as well.

I really really like this guy and he displays quite nicely with some of my other e-Hobby G1 figures.  I'll probably be sharing more of those in the coming weeks/months for everyone's viewing pleasure.

I know technically this guy is a re-issue since he's based on one of the early Sideswipe/Red Alert molds, but this guy doesn't feel like a re-issue.  I can't recommend this guy enough.  Whether you like G1 or Diaclone stuff, this guy is a must have.  Be prepared for pay $100+ plus on the secondary market however due to his limited nature.






I'm sure I knew this prior to taking these pictures, but I don't own a G1 Red Alert!  If I had he obviously would have been used for the comparisons so for now Sideswipe will just have to do!





Clamp Down along side his unofficial WST version that was recently obtained.  Pretty good representation outside of the Autobot symbol replacing the star on the hood of the vehicle.


  1. I regret not getting either Clamp Down or Deep Cover when they were first issued as well. Now trying to find one without paying out the nose is impossible! He looks pretty.

    Does displaying the Japsnese figures with their launchers loaded reay affect the spring tension? That's disturbing because I need to take some stuff down.

    1. Any spring loaded launcher's spring has a tendency to wear out over time, but the other reason I don't display a lot of mine "loaded" is I don't want to lose a missile or whatever due to an accidental discharge of the weapon.

  2. hey Colbey, appreciate the call out! =)

    Like you, the main reason for not having missiles in Jap spring loaded launchers are accidental discharge and losing it. It's happened to me with my Lego Batmobile - missile flew out our 30th floor apt window and I spent an hour searching for it on the level 8 pool deck.

    Also like you, back in the day, I didn't buy too many of the eHobby exclusive because I was just inudated with things to buy (so much was being reissued back then!). But I do remember buying mine a year or so after its release - a seller at a flea market was selling Deepcover, Clamp Down and Tigertracks, all MISB for US$90!

    1. $90?? I was looking at Tigertracks, but I can't find one for less than $200!

    2. The cheapest one I've been able to find was an auction with the starting bid of $225!

    3. There is one on eBay now with a BIN price of $135. If only I could find Deep Cover for that price!

  3. To be fair, that was in 2005, and collectors were generally "sick of" the deluge of reissues and recolours, at the time.

  4. Excellent! I'm still amazed at how well that mold works, even today. Clamp Down is an excellent name.