Friday, November 26, 2021

Hot Wheels: Experimentors #06/10 - Loopster

In my older years I've gravitated more to picking up Matchbox and other brands due to more real world designs, however there are some Hot Wheels vehicles that grab my attention and Loopster was one of those. Part of the Experimentors subline, Loopster is something you don't see everyday...a roller coaster car.

The vehicle itself is cast in green plastic with a die-cast metal frame that is painted light blue. There are 4 free rolling wheels with another small pair of wheels molded in behind the front wheels. Inside the vehicle are non-descript people molded in purple plastic. What I didn't realize until later on is there is a variant where one of the people have their arms raised in the air!

One the front and rear of the vehicle is a black plastic connector that allows you to link several Loopster vehicles together, ultimately creating your very on Hot Wheels roller coaster. Because of this feature, I was picking up as many of these as I could find. I think as of this post I'm up to 10 or 12 with two of the variants. It's been all I could do to resist buying some track and making more of a coaster for all of these Loopsters to traverse. To me this is the definition of a fun toy, especially when you have multiples to link together. My inner kid has had a blast with these.

Variant with arms raised


  1. It'd be cool to put this chain of roller coaster cars on a track and see how well the roll. I also like the idea of a variant. Does Hot Wheels do variants for a lot of their newer vehicles?