Wednesday, September 12, 2018

New Comic Wednesday - 09/12/18

I watch a lot of people post their weekly comic pickups each Wednesday on Facebook and YouTube...but I'm not a video guy. However it got me thinking about starting my own weekly comic post each here we go!

Now in order to be able to afford new comics, because lets face it...they aren't $.60 cover price anymore, I order from DCBS and have my comics shipped once a month. However I do like to support the local brick and mortar comic shops, both locally and when I'm out traveling for work. I will stop in and grab a new book that perhaps that forgot to order or grab that variant cover that I like.

This week I stopped by Nikelspot Comics in Fort Mill, SC to grab a few books I didn't have in my DCBS order.


I really like the idea of the True Believers issues as it gives you a chance to read an old story without costing you a fortune or having to worry about damaging the original issue. 

Because of my reading backlog, I'm not up to date on the current Amazing Spider-Man series, but between the issue solicitations an covers, I can't wait to get caught up!

I slept on Champions when it was first released, but thankfully I went back and picked up the back issues so I could get caught up. Even though I'm an old fart now, I still like the group of young characters and it's been a fun read thus far.

I'm not the biggest X-Men fan, but I love Gail Simone's writing and David Baldeon has done a great job with the art. Plus this initial story arc has featured one of my favorite under used female characters in the Marvel Universe, Diamondback!

I'm glad to see the FF back on the shelves. I've never been a huge FF fan, but I'm going to at least try out the initial story arc since I've been following the events of the first family since they disappeared in Secret Wars.

I love anything cosmic Marvel has been doing so it pains me I'm not caught up with my reading. All of the Infinity Wars books have looked very interesting and I'm ready to jump in!

Of course I picked up the newest issue of Spectacular Spider-Man! Love me some Spider-Man...and Chris Bachalo is handling the art!! That's a win-win for me.

Weapon H has been an interesting read so far. I kind of picked up the first two issues on a whim, but I've stuck with it so far. Looking forward to this issue and especially the next issue since Man-Thing makes an appearance.

I hope others find this new series of posts interesting. I'm always intrigued to see what others have bought and what they are reading so this is just my contribution. See you next Wednesday!

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  1. Never read a Domino comic... but that cover is sweet and she looks like she'll mess someone up.