Thursday, December 14, 2017

Marvel Legends Infinite Series: Daredevil

Marvel Legends have come a long way...and I'm a long way behind in sharing some of the purchases I've made! In the Spring of 2015 Hasbro released the Hobgoblin wave featuring primarily Spider-Man characters. I know that Spidey and DD have crossed paths plenty of times in the comics, I do feel as if Daredevil was shoe horned into this wave. Regardless, I ended up enjoying this figure much more than I thought I would.

The packaging for the Infinite Series remained unchanged for this wave. Decorative black matte box with a large window to show off the figure. The back of the packaging gives a small write up for the character in multiple languages, along with a product shot of the figure. Along the bottom are thumbnails showing off the other characters in the wave, along with the Build-A-Figure specimen, Hobgoblin.

I go have to admit that I probably got more enjoyment out of this figure after watching the Daredevil Netflix series. I never collected or read Daredevil comics growing up so my knowledge of this blind Marvel superhero was very limited prior to the Netflix series. While there is a more show accurate version of DD on retail shelves now, I prefer the classic comic look when it comes to my Marvel Legends figures.

The sculpt on this figure is spot on for the character. From the classic DD logo on his chest, to the different shades of red to the horns on his cowl. There is no mistake who this character is. He comes included with his patented billy club weapon that can be holstered on the side of his thigh.

Sorry for the lack of action photography. I'm not the best at posing super articulated action figures such as Daredevil here. I'll let the pros take care of that. At one time I only intended to purchase mostly Spider-Man related Marvel Legends figures, but now my collection is starting to add many other characters from the Marvel Universe. Daredevil is a great figure and if you're a fan of the character or just the street level heroes of the MU, I highly recommend tracking this figure down on the secondary market.


  1. I had a chance to get him recently, but put the brakes on du to the large number of other Legends figures. Still, that's how I like my daredevil to look, right there...