Friday, December 22, 2017

GI Joe Sigma 6: Zartan

I was really shocked and against the move Hasbro took with the GI Joe franchise when the Sigma 6 toy line was launched...however I purchased a few figures I started to enjoy the overized, stylized version and their many accessories. I recently came across pictures of Zartan that I once owned, the pictures dating back several years more than likely. Instead of just deleting them because they weren't up to my current standards, I decided to go ahead and share them.

While some of the classic Joe and Cobra characters were given a new look in the Sigma 6 series, Zartan for the most part kept his classic look. The classic colors, the outfit including the hood are all straight out of the comics, cartoon and the original A Real American Hero toyline.

Zartan came packaged with a few weapons and accessories: a crossbow with a quiver and an extra arrow plus a machine gun. These weapons could be attached using the various ports found all over the figure. 

The quiver had an elastic strap that would easily allow it to be placed around the shoulder of the figure. The crossbow was a real working weapon that would fire either arrow. The machine gun looked the best in my opinon when attached to his wrist. The gun had two removeable clips and red painted knives on the back for upclose combat.

Once all of Zartans weapons were attached tot he figure, he looked like a one man army. I don't recall ever seeing any version of this character so heavily armed. When I still owned this figure, I only displayed him w/ his crossbow however as that seemed like a more natural weapon for him.

Great figure, decent amount of articulation with some good accessories. Zartan came packaged in the early waves of figures with the big plastic weapon storage "lockers". The mold would later be repainted purple and neon green as Toxic Zartan. A wild deco, but an equally fun figure, even if that version lacked many of these accessories.

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