Thursday, October 12, 2017

GI Joe 30th Anniversary: Cobra Techno-Viper

2011's Cobra Techno-Viper really caught my eye. As a part of the 30th Anniversary series, this was a figure that I had originally never made any attention to. There are a ton of specialized Vipers in Cobra's ranks and I never quite knew what the Techno-Vipers role was. Were they armored IT specialists? I never recalled seeing them in combat much in the old animated television show.

Regardless of this, Hasbro produced yet another great looking Cobra figure. I believe this is the 3rd version of this character, but this time the purple worn is a little more muted than the much more vibrant purple used in the A Real American Hero series. I love all of the detailing on the backpack and how it also is used for actual storage for his accessories. His Claw and Hammer accessories are of course removeable. There is also a neon green/yellow pylon included that has tabs on the base that lets you connect multiple pylons. I've seen some great diorama pictures on line where people have used multiple of these. Great figure, highly recommended.